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Chez Nous finished

So this project is in the can again. Quite a bit of work with a total of 3 Arri Alexa’s and 2 RED epic’s. Where I managed to do the dailies and the MXF conversion for the editor with an average of 25 slates a day in 33 shooting days and a total of 10TB of 1920×1080 material, it was great… (more…)

First day shoot Chez Nous

2 Arri Alexa’s on the BosBros production Chez Nous. DIT work Data Wrangler and transcoding the material for post production on set. D.O.P. Rolf Dekens and Director Tim Oliehoek.

Youi OUT surance shoot

DIT work for Velocity on YOUI OUTsurance, a South African and an Australian commercial with 2 RED Epic’s in an 3D configuration at 240 frames per second. I also transcoded the footage on set to Avid MXF for the editor.

Frixion Shoot

DIT work for Velocity on Frixion, a Frensh commercial with the Arri Alexa

Parmalat shoot

DIT work for Velocity on a Parmalat shoot on the Arri Alexa.

Ackermans shoot

DIT work for an Ackermans commercial for Masters and Savant worldwide on the Arri Alexa Plus.

Titanbet shoot

DIT work for an Italian commercial (Tenacity) on the Arri Alexa.  

Groupama shoot

DIT work on a commercial for Groupama on two Arri Alexa’s.

Renault shoot

DIT work on a Renault commercial (Jean Mark on photo) on two Arri Alexa’s

Bin Laden Shoot to Kill

DIT and Data wrangler with 7 different camera’s on Target bin laden for the BBC and Film Africa.